Monday, 12 November 2018

Tattoo Advice

So for this weeks work we had to reply to someone who had advice about getting a tattoo and what somethings to think about getting it and questions. It was a fun task to do and I enjoyed it a lot. I hope you enjoy my work I have done.

Satire Writing

This is my satire writing I have done I have picked Donald Trump the president of America for my subject for the satire writing. If you don't know what the meaning of satire is it's like sarcasm and the meaning of sarcasm is the use of irony to mock or convey contempt and what I am writing about Donald Trump is the opposite of the truth I hope you enjoy my satire writing about Donald Trump down below.
Well isn't’ it great that Donald Trump is being the kindest person and president in the world he could be. Wow didn’t he build a wall between mexico and united states of America, well that’s so kind of him. He was even that kind that he hired a lot of people for jobs. But there have been a lot of crazy rumours about Trump and how he was mocking a disabled reporter. But I don’t think Donald Trump will do such a thing like that. Well you never know. Also did you know that Donald Trump is also an amazing actor too. Before becoming president he had been in movies and I think he was the best actor ever but that was so kind of the director’s that hired him instead of firing him. But man I wish I could have Donald Trump as my president, but he is president for the united states of America. So I guess not. I also think the age different between him and his wife is so amazing it shows his love for young people of america. Well you never know what Trump still has left for the world and America for the up coming years.

Wednesday, 17 October 2018

Talk With Tony

Today we had Tony a attitude talker come to our school to tell the year 7 & 8's about puberty and life lessons. First he talked to us about our hair, skin and things that happen during puberty and how we should wash everyday and take care of our bodies.

After wards he talked about how you should believe in yourself and you are valuable. To show us that we are valuable he used five dollars for an example. He stood on the five dollars and crunched it in his hands and he said it still worth 5 dollars. He also talked about when we are gonna start a relationship we should take time and no need to rush and first be great friends. So there we have it I hoped you learned and took something valuable for yourself.

Thursday, 27 September 2018

Skill - Team 5 Move Ya Body

This term we had to do a skill as a class, it had to be something everyone feels uncomfortable doing. So we did ballet, it was very hard learning the dance and the moves. After we did the showcase we had to do our own skill in our groups, we had 4 weeks. Over the pass 4 weeks it took me and my group to find out what skill we are going to do. But we ended up filming our movie non stop for 2 weeks. Then our teacher asked if anyone was stuck if they wanted to join in the line dance with the other kids from room 4. We did footloose jump jam, we practice for 2 weeks. Then when it came to the day we had something to do and show to the rest of team 5, it was very fun and I enjoyed it a lot.

Sunday, 16 September 2018

Fairy Tale

So for this weeks work we had to select a well known fairy tale and change it up a bit and add revolting rhymes like Roald Dahl’s in his stories. I have picked snow white and I have changed it a bit, it was a fun task and I hope you enjoy.                            

  Snow white
Once upon a time there lived a royal family who lived in a beautiful palace. One night the queen gave birth to a beautiful baby girl that was soon to be called snow white because she was as white as snow .

Snow white grew up to be a beautiful and humble girl . As she grew up she had a older sister that would always be jealous of her beauty and always knew that snow white was the favourite child and always got everything.

As the older sister had enough of seeing snow whites beauty and fame she wanted to do something bad to her because before snow white was born she had all the attention and beauty but that didn’t last that long until snow white came along.

Snow white always had a kind heart and cared for her family and her people. But as she didn’t know she had a sister that hated her and tried anything to her feel bad.There mother, the kind hearted queen became very sick and soon passed away. The girls were still very young, years went by very fast and there father was getting old and weak so he remarried again. The new queen was very pretty but had a bad heart and only cared about herself and that she would always be the prettiest in the kingdom.

Also the queen had enough of seeing snow white always being the prettiest in the kingdom. The queen hated her to the point she wanted to kill snow white, but she didn’t know how too. One day as snow whites older sister walked passed the queen’s room she heard the queen talking to the night and saying kill snow white.

The sister was shocked that the queen was bad and hated snow white. She stayed there for a bit and listened for a while. Then the night opened the door and the older sister fell inside the room, the queen said oh dear we were just talking about your sister snow white how wonderful she is. But then the sister said no I heard everything that you have said, but I won’t tell anyone cause I also want to kill snow white myself, the evil queen was shocked too.

They worked on a plan to kill snow white and the best way they could was to poison her food. So they told and forced the poor, innocent chef to do what they have commanded to poison snow whites food so he did. At the dinner time as they were eating they waited for snow white to pass out but nothing was happening. But little as they didn’t know the evil sister and queen was getting poisoned.

The foolish queen and sister was soon to become very ill and was soon to be gone. Snow white and her family didn’t know why they became very ill and they still don’t know who poisoned them after all. Years went by and the king has passed away and snow white has all the responsibility of the kingdom. She also married a handsome prince and has beautiful children. They lived happily ever after…….The End

Sunday, 2 September 2018

Well Known Kiwis

This is my work for reading. We are suppose to do something that about well known kiwis and answer what well known kiwis can help you to achieve your goals and dreams. I have picked Sir Edmund Hillary for my well known kiwi.

Friday, 31 August 2018

Pourquoi tales

This is my writing that I have wrote it is my made up story about how the elephant got it's trunk. It was a bit of a challenging task but I did it. It is a pourquoi tale an I hope you like it.
How The Elephant Got It’s Trunk
On one fine day in beautiful jungle there was this one big of a animal who had humongous and enormous, ear’s, 4 legs and body. It was called an elephant, but the one thing is that the elephant struggled to eat, smell, touch and breath cause he had an tiny nose. The jungle thought that elephant is so lucky to be humongous and to be one of the biggest animals in the jungle. But as they didn’t know the elephant wasn’t happy for what he was, he just wanted to be as the same as the rest of the animals in the jungle to smell, eat, touch and breathe properly.

But that wasn’t possible for him. He went up to the giraffe and asked how did your neck grow that long but giraffe just ignored him and carried on. Then he went up to the frog and asked how does your tongue go so long, but the frog just bounced away. The elephant wondered and wondered, hoping for something to happen to him to help him one day.

Later on the day the elephant decided to go for a walk as he was walking a snake bit his nose, the elephant tried as hard as he could to pull away but the snake just kept his long body wrapped around the branch as he kept hold of the poor elephant’s nose. The elephant tried to speak but started to lose his breath and as more as he tried to pull the longer his nose stretched. He could just say one last word out loud and he shouted out loud HELP.

Lucky near by him was giraffe who was picking apples from the high tree’s. Giraffe ran to see what was going on when he saw elephant trying to escaped from the foolish and careless snake. Giraffe wrapped his long neck around elephant and pulled. The Snake ran off and as soon as the elephant was released he could breathe like never before. He was shocked that he had a long nose that was soon to be called a trunk.

The elephant was joyful and glad he could do a lot of things with his trunk as he couldn't do before. The Elephant is very happy for who he is, and is thankful that snake and the giraffe has helped him out, even though the Snake was very foolish.