Monday, 3 April 2017

Free Writing

This is my free writing that I have wrote. It is similar to the movie called the Journey 2: The Mysterious Island.I hope you like it.

It was a Sunday when I went downstairs to clean the basement when I was where the books area was, I was looking which books to throw out and which not to throw out.When I was going through the books I found this old book called A Hidden Island.
I read about for only five minutes and then when I looked on the next page I saw a picture of my grandpa,is that him on that island.I freezed for a second and was thinking is that really grandpa on that hidden island.

The next day in the morning I went to tell my father that his dad is on that hidden island and I think he lives there all along.But dad didn't believe me.Then I gave the book to him and he read some of it and when he flipped to next page he saw a picture of his dad.He looked at it and then started to cry and said why did he leave us.He asked me if he is alive and I said I don’t know.We stayed up late reading the book and getting some information and where the island was at.

The next day we saw that the island was in the pacific ocean.Dad booked us I fight to the nearest island there.We packed all of our stuff and was ready to go.In the plane I was reading the book and was getting more info.We landed on that island and was asking people if they could take us to the hidden island and then this man heard us and took us there.During the trip we could see that the sky was getting darker and darker.It said in the book that going in the storm is how you are going to get to the island,so we went.

Then I woke up and saw dad and that man standing in front of me with this other man.Is that you grandpa, yes it’s me kid I gave grandpa a big hug.Then he took us around the island. We were only sleeping there for two night’s it was fun but then it was time to go.I hope I come back to see you grandpa, have a good trip said grandpa.After that it was time to go back home.

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