Wednesday, 22 November 2017

The Gingerbread's

The Gingerbread's
Once upon a time there was a young couple who lived in a little cottage in a little farm.It was only them two and the animals that lived there. As the young man was working he was hungry so he asked his wife can you make me a Gingerbread Man.

So the lady made gingerbread, she made a batch of gingerbread dough, then rolled it flat and cut it in a shape of a Gingerbread Man, the lady could smell the gingerbread and that made her hungry, so she made a Gingerbread Lady for her. As the young lady opened the oven door to check if the gingerbread's were ready she forgot to get her oven gloves that was on the table. So she went to get it and forgot to close the oven door.

So then the gingerbread man whispered to the gingerbread lady do you want to go I don’t want to be eaten. Then the gingerbread’s jumped out of the oven and ran but the lady saw them. Then she went after them and the gingerbread man and lady said you can’t catch us we are the gingerbread's. The gingerbread's ran discreetly through the garden and past the man. The man said to STOP I want to eat you and the gingerbread's said no we are too fast.

So then the man chased after them and the gingerbread's ran even faster then they ran passed the pig. Stop, the pig snorted , I want to eat you. But the gingerbread's ran even faster. Then the pig chased after the gingerbread’s. The gingerbread's were trapped, they thought should we go by the trees or run. Then the gingerbread man pondered the question which way to go.

So they made a discreet decision to go through the trees and hide their unit they are all gone. They were hiding in the trees trying not to make a noise. But then gingerbread lady saw a bug on her and blurted out loud I don’t want to hide in the trees let's go somewhere else. Suddenly the man heard and said go through the trees. The gingerbread's ran for their lives like if it was the end of the world. As they were running they found this big pile of hay and went in there unit they hear nothing.

The man, lady and animals were to tired of looking so they just decided to go back home. So the gingerbread's ran away as far as they could and lived there.

The End

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