Tuesday, 24 July 2018

Sustaining Ourselves: Hauora

Sustaining Ourselves
We are learning to address the factors that can affect our wellbeing

Next to each of these scenarios write down which area of your wellbeing is being affected - social/whanau, spiritual, mental/emotional or physical. You might find that they affect more than one area

Going for a run - Physical

Playing a sports game with others - Social/Whanau, mental, physical

Going to church, the marae, temple… - Spiritual

Listening to your favourite music - Mental

Eating fresh fruit and vegetables - Physical

Learning from a grandparent or caregiver - Social/Whanau

Taking part in a cultural club or activity - Mental

Getting enough sleep - Physical

Imagine you are part of the following scenarios. Make a decision that will positively impact on your wellbeing and note which aspect of your wellbeing is affected.

1.You and your older brother have been given some money to buy food for you and your younger siblings for the next few days. You are tempted to buy take away, but you have to buy enough food for breakfast, lunch (for school/pre-school) and dinner for two days.
 I would buy cheap food that can last and bread and little stuff that can also last for two days and not buy take away cause you can lose all the money and would have no more to feed you and your siblings .

 2.You are having a really bad day and feel yourself getting angry and upset. You had a small argument with a friend earlier in the day, but you are now really angry at them. The bell will be ringing in ten minutes and you will have to sit next to this friend. What could you do?

 I would talk to them about what had happen and try to be friends again and say sorry to eachother.

3.You have just changed schools and are missing your old friend and activities. At your old school you played for the school rugby team, but you have not played sport here, except for in P.E.

I would make friends and get out of my shell and stop being shy and go try out new sport teams.

4.You are Tongan, but your parents were born and grew up in New Zealand. They taught you English since you were born so that you would find New Zealand life easier, but they did not teach you much Tongan. At school you see other students speaking Tongan and participating in Tongan clubs and dancing. Although you feel happy in New Zealand, you wish you could connect to your Tongan roots.
  If that was me I would ask my parents to teach me tongan and how to do the tongan things.

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